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Q: How much will it cost?
A: Many people do not realize that most insurance plans cover chiropractic care. We accept most health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, and Medicare, just to name a few. If you have any questions about whether or not your insurance will cover your care in our office, we can verify your insurance for you before your first visit.
There are NO out-of-pocket costs AT ALL for patients seeking care due to auto or work-related injuries.
Spine and Disc Center of Arizona also offers customized care plans for patients without insurance, as we strive to be a widely accessible chiropractor in Gilbert. Depending on the amount of chiropractic care we determine you will need in our office, we will create a customized care plan for you which offers a discount on services. This is done in order that patients can follow through with their care and treatments, assuring maximum results for each and every patient. What is the discount? We will look at how many total treatments are necessary in your individual case and then we can offer a discount based on how many payments you would like to make (pay monthly, pay in full, etc.)

Q: Why is the nervous system so important?
A: Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves coordinate and control every cell, tissue and organ in the body and adapt them to their internal and external environment. If the nervous system is not responding properly, the body will not perform at 100% as nature intended. The result? Reduced immune function, disease, fatigue, premature aging, stress, poor metabolism, hormonal imbalance, difficulty concentrating, muscle and joint dysfunction, etc.

Q: What is a subluxation?
A: Interference to the nervous system caused by chemical, emotional, and physical stress leading to the body.s inability to regulate, heal, repair, and regenerate its cells, tissues, and organs for optimal function.

Q: What do chiropractors do?
A: While the techniques may differ between each chiropractor in Gilbert, our efforts are to locate interference in the nervous system using diagnostic tools such as the patient history, posture analysis, computer imaging, range of motion, orthopedic tests, nerve reflexes, assessment of trigger points and muscular imbalances, and analysis techniques unique to chiropractic. Chiropractors correct interference in the nervous system by using specific chiropractic adjustments leading to better joint function, muscle balance, and nerve function.

Q: Are you against drugs and surgery?
A: No. There is a time for both. However, as a patient-oriented chiropractor in Gilbert, I am more interested in finding and correcting the cause of a problem rather than covering up the symptoms with a toxic chemical experiment that may cause deadly side-effects (just listen to the drug commercials!) Why not try conservative and non-invasive procedures first before cutting into the body and removing organs? Surgery is financially, emotionally, and physically dangerous and should be used only as a last resort.

Q: I heard that chiropractic cures diseases. Is this true?
A: The body heals itself when it is given the tools it needs for healing, namely proper nutrition, adequate rest, physical exercise, mental and spiritual balance, and a nervous system that is working properly. Nerves control the immune system, skeletal system, respiratory system, reproductive system, digestive system, hormone (endocrine) system, and the list goes on. Chiropractic facilitates healing because it restores proper nerve function. As a committed chiropractor in Gilbert, I remove the interference to the nervous system and get out of the way.I allow the body to do what it is innately supposed to do when the channels of communication are clear. Chiropractors do not cure anything. The body cures itself if you allow it to.

Q: How long will it take for my body to heal?
A: It depends on your personal history, genetics, current physical condition, level of stress, and how well you follow the chiropractic recommendations. Your body has tolerated physical, chemical, and emotional stress for years. It took years for your body to get to its current level of dysfunction. Healing is a process, and like every process in nature, healing takes time. It is arrogant to expect permanent correction of a condition instantly after we have abused the body for decades.

Q: Why do I need to get adjusted more frequently when I first start chiropractic?
A: The initial stage is designed to reduce inflammation and restore joint mobility as quickly as the body will allow. This stage is a re-adaptive phase, which requires the surrounding muscle, ligaments and tissue to conform and adapt to support proper structure. Just as you have adapted to abnormal, we have to work to adapt you back to normal. The correction is similar to the way orthodontics move teeth into proper alignment.
Orthodontics cause the surrounding bone to conform to support the teeth in a different position, in a very similar way adjustments of the spine cause surrounding spinal tissue to conform and support the spinal column in its new corrected position. This stage also addresses the symptom relief. The second phase, or wellness care, is designed to further the healing process and maintain the progress your body has already made. Using the gym example again, if after months of working out you feel and look great, is it wise to stop working out? You might not have to work out with the same intensity that got you into shape, but it would be smart to maintain your progress, right?

Q: Do I have to get chiropractic care for the rest of my life?
A: You do not have to do anything for the rest of your life-it is your choice. You can choose not to brush your teeth, not to change the oil in your car, not to make repairs to your home, not to eat a healthy diet, and not to exercise. However, there are consequences to your actions. If you want to get the most mileage out of your body, then yes, you must take care of it for the rest of your life. The spine and nervous system is no exception.

Q: When should someone start chiropractic care?
A: As soon as they are born. The point is to maintain health for your whole life, not to abuse/ignore your body for decades and then put out fires when you are in physical distress. The spine and nervous system are subject to trauma from day one until death-twisting of the neck during the birth process; falling while learning to walk and while playing; sports injuries; carrying heavy backpacks, purses, laptop computers; poor posture; driving; sitting all day; inadequate exercise; gravity; pregnancy; carrying and lifting car seats and strollers; osteoporosis; emotional stress; chemical interactions. It is never too early or too late to start chiropractic wellness care.

Q: How long does it take to become a chiropractor?
A: Four years of college, four years of chiropractic school, clinical internships, state and national board licensure, continuing education courses. What is studied? Everything taught in medical school (same books, same curriculum), as well as chiropractic philosophy and chiropractic adjusting techniques. Chiropractors in Gilbert are primary health care providers, in the same category as general MD practitioners, dentists, and podiatrists.

Q: Is chiropractic dangerous?
A: My malpractice insurance premium per year is less then $1,000. A general practitioner MD pays at least $60,000 per year. Insurance companies base their premiums on how risky it is to insure a person or profession. Based on these figures, which office poses a greater risk?! My car insurance costs more than my malpractice insurance!
People have been turning to chiropractic health care for over a century. They have sought treatment for a wide variety of ailments, from migraines to heel pain. Listed below are some circumstances where chiropractic could be beneficial to you:
Have you been in an accident?
Trauma can cause spinal misalignments in the body, which can in turn distort your structure and irritate your nerves, bones, ligaments and discs. Any accident, no matter how minor, can create nerve-damaging misalignments. We can give you a spinal check-up to ensure that your spine is free from these health-compromising changes and to prevent any long-term damage.
Do you have a sports or work-related injury?
When a subluxation has been caused by repetitive stress or overuse at work or play, spinal nerves may be impeded. This may in turn negatively affect one’s range of motion, strength, reflexes, endurance, and, ultimately, performance. Chiropractic can help your body restore normal nerve function and help you get back to your peak in both play and work.
Are you simply in pain?
Interruption of proper nerve flow, for whatever reason, can eventually lead to pain, disability, and an overall decrease in the quality of life. You don’t need to live with it. we can help you get to the root of the problem, set your body up to heal, and restore your health.

Are you pregnant?
The additional weight and stress on the framework of the body during pregnancy can cause pain in almost any part of the body. Because pregnant women are often reluctant to take any over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, they often turn to chiropractic care to help alleviate pains associated with pregnancy. In addition, we can also offer lifestyle (especially nutrition and exercise) advice specific to the expectant mother.

Do you have a child?
Babies and children grow quickly, and their muscles, ligaments, and bones develop rapidly. A jump, tumble, or fall can jar the body, affect the spine (and possibly the nervous system), and then go undetected for years. Even simple factors, such as a heavy backpack or an ill-fitting car seat, can have negative effects on a child’s health.
With these things in mind, it’s evident that babies and children have much to gain from chiropractic care. Regular spinal exams can provide corrective and preventive care for “little ones,” as well as peace of mind for the parent.
Parents of small children also have much to gain. We can offer advice regarding how to pick up and carry a child and, for post-partum mothers, an assessment of any structural changes that may have occurred during pregnancy, labor, and/or delivery.
Teenagers’ bodies are also growing at a rapid rate. This, combined with the fact that teenagers often think they are invincible, sets them up for a wide range of physical problems.
Imagine your teenager hearing from someone other than you the benefits of proper diet, exercise, posture, and other good lifestyle habits! With regular visits to your doctor of chiropractic, your “big one” will have a body that is structurally and functionally sound, and head start on a life of good health.

Are you in your “Golden Years”?
There are numerous physical problems associated with aging, and drugs and surgery are often prescribed to treat these problems. There is little, if any, attention paid to actually fixing these problems. and little or no emphasis on preventing them.
But you need not succumb. Chiropractors understand the effects of aging and have been helping folks deal with the aches and pains associated with aging for decades. As with other patients, we diagnose the ailment, determine what’s causing it, and then choose from a variety of gentle therapeutic techniques to alleviate it.
We can also guide you through simple changes in your lifestyle (e.g., diet, exercise, stress management) that can greatly improve the quality of your life. Old habits are hard to break, but it’s never too late to start healthy habits.

Or-Do you feel perfectly fine?
Even if you feel as though you’re operating at 110% or better, chiropractic can help you maintain your desired level of health and fitness. You may currently have spinal irregularities that exhibit no symptoms whatsoever. However, problems may arise in the future.
Just as regular maintenance visits are recommended for your car, and regular dental cleanings and check-ups are recommended for your teeth, regular chiropractic check-ups can help detect and prevent spinal stress or joint disorders.
In short, chiropractic health care is a smart choice for most everyone, at any time-you’ll stay healthier longer, and the time and energy (and money!) saved due to your preventive efforts can be spent on things that are fun to do. A better quality of life awaits you.
Children also benefit from regular spinal exams!
It seems children never run out of energy, they go all day long running, jumping, and playing hard. Sometimes all this physical activity puts stress on the spinal nerves; this may lead to lowering a child’s resistance and open the door for many illnesses.The slightest misalignment can cause a child to suffer from adult type problems, such as headaches, back pain, poor concentration, irritability, etc. and for many, a simple, painless spinal exam will allow your Chiropractor to find, and treat if necessary any misalignments.Chiropractic Care for children is much more than just spinal exams. Your Chiropractor can also examine and monitor the growth of your child’s body, address important nutritional needs, offer correct exercise programs, and help to prepare your child for a healthy adulthood.

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